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On the back of the popular Harvard Business Review article, ‘The Case For The 6-Hour Workday’, and the media storm that followed, comes Time Rich: Do Your Best Work, Live Your Best Life (Wiley) - a guide to achieving twice as much in half the time, and living your best life. In stores worldwide May 2020.

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Volume 1

The Innovation Manager's Handbook

The Innovation Manager's Handbook is a comprehensive guide to innovating in the enterprise. Packed with over 110 pages of content, the book will go over everything from the why and the how, to changing company culture. There are also dozens of  guides, case studies and instantly actionable tips backed up by in-depth research and the latest and greatest in innovation theory.

"Collective Campus isn't your typical, jargon-spewing innovation consultancy. They understand the dangers of digital disruption, plus the complexities of driving changes within hierarchical corporate structures. Steve's handbook on innovation is a must-read before you start implementing."

- Innovation Manager, Government Agency

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The Innovation Manager's Handbook Volume 2
Volume 2

Float like a corporate,
Sting like a STARTUP

If you’re frustrated with the pace of innovation in your business and want the inside track on how to establish, drive, measure and deliver meaningful innovation, the Innovation Manager’s Handbook series is for you. 

Steve Glaveski has reflected on his experience running Collective Campus and interviewing hundreds of thought leaders for the Future Squared podcast on the topics of corporate innovation, entrepreneurship and self improvement, distilling key takeaways into bite-sized actionable insights for the reader. 

Learn how to drive corporate innovation initiatives successfully and avoid the pitfalls that most organisations fall into when engaging in what Glaveski calls ‘innovation theatre’.

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Employee to Entrepreneur

Make the leap and become an entrepreneur today

Are you living for the weekend? Are you dissatisfied at work? Are you itching to do something that is important to you? How can you avoid the pitfalls that many first-time entrepreneurs have fallen into? How do you explore whether entrepreneurship is right for you without giving up your day job? Employee to Entrepreneur is your guide to leaving your job behind and building something for yourself.

Author and employee-turned-entrepreneur Steve Glaveski, shows you how to navigate the challenges, find the entrepreneurial success that is right for you and become a better person along the way. Employee to Entrepreneur combines storytelling with a step-by-step framework to teach you how to effectively explore and leverage entrepreneurship to gain freedom, fulfillment and financial security.

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Children's book

Lemonade Stand: From Idea to Entrepreneur

We used to go to school to learn how to become something; An accountant, a lawyer, a doctor...

But technology has been improving since the 1960s, creating a very uncertain world. Some estimate that 40% of today's jobs won't exist in 10 years!

It's no longer enough to remember facts for a test, only to forget them shortly afterwards.

As Stephen Hawking said, intelligence is the ability to adapt to change, then entrepreneurship is the perfect vehicle to teach children adaptability and resilience.

Written by seasoned entrepreneur and author, Steve Glaveski, LEMONADE STAND follows a young entrepreneur's journey and provides kids with invaluable business and life lessons along the way.

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